The Voyager campaign, orchestrated and Shot by Sergiu Tavitian, was all about immersing customers in the essence of local travel, particularly in the heart of Canadian winter. Picture this – Pajar, the renowned Canadian winter footwear and outerwear company, encouraging people to embrace the chill, get outdoors, and stay active during those frosty months.
The spotlight of the campaign was on Pajar Sport, the brand's mainline collection. It's all about blending stylish design with a rugged construction and top-notch technical materials – a combination that makes these products fly off the shelves. Now, here’s where it gets interesting – the campaign unfolded in two picturesque Canadian locations: Philipsburgh, Quebec, on the serene Champlain Lake in the morning, and then Farnham, Quebec, in the enchanting evening.
But hold on, it wasn’t a walk in the park, logistically speaking. Picture this – around 80 different shoes and outerwear items needed to be showcased. That's right, a whopping 80! And guess what? They had even more – about 120 unique styles were prepped and ready to go. Now, where do you shoot all of these? Inside an RV, my friend! The items were meticulously laid out inside the RV, while the outerwear and accessories hung stylishly on racks, all inside the same cozy RV.
And oh, the planning that went into this extravaganza! Coordinating six models, their outfits, and the diverse locations was no small feat. Imagine live adjustments happening on the spot. Why? Because the brand owners were right there, throwing in last-minute changes and brilliant ideas that had to be woven into the campaign seamlessly.
Here’s the real challenge – with Pajar being a global sensation, catering to worldwide distributors, each region had its unique taste. The styles loved by the American distributors weren’t necessarily the ones favored by their counterparts in Europe or Asia. But fear not! The team managed to find a sweet spot, curating something that pleased everyone. The end result? A diverse array of images ready to adorn tradeshow booths, billboards, and magazine advertisements in a whopping 43 countries. Talk about a global success story for Pajar!

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