2008/06/12 | Glitz Logo Design and Jewelry Tags

Logo design and implementation on jewelry tags.


2008/03/13 | Pajar Cover Ad For the Canadian Footwear Journal

This advertisement was shot and designed for the cover of the Canadian Footwear Journal and was published in April, 2008.


2008/02/12 | VooDooScat CD Shoot and Desing

Album cover design and photography were done inhouse by Picxels.


2008/02/10 | Supertex Airport Ad

After visiting the Supertex Textile plant in Liberty, NC and taking pictures of the establishment, we came up with a few desings for different advertising media.



The Airport Ad is on display in a 29" x 42" lightbox at the Greensboro, NC airport.



The display was designed for trade fares. The purpose was to bring in clients and to showcase the size of the plant, as well as the production capacity.



Here are some pictures submited to us by our satisfied client.